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How to travel to Tampa to cheer on the Hawkeyes in the Outback Bowl

IOWA CITY – The Iowa Hawkeyes are headed to Florida January 1 to play Mississippi State in the Outback Bowl. We put together some information on tickets to the game, and how you can get there yourself. 


With tickets ranging anywhere from $70 to $300+ on StubHub, tickets are on sale now and going fast! We recommend if you are thinking about going to the game to buy your tickets sooner rather than later. This will also help you avoid “Game Day Inflation” where ticket sellers ramp the prices up to ridiculous amounts to dig deeper in the pockets of last second buyers. Do not forget to buy your parking pass also if you plan on driving to the game. Those tickets are also available to purchase on StubHub’s website. 


The cheapest available flight we found was $579 round trip, per person, flying on Delta through Expedia and leaving December 30. As the time gets closer the prices may increase or get sold out, so again we recommend buying tickets sooner rather than later if you plan on attending. The estimated flight time would be between five and a half hours and six hours. 


If you are die hard enough to brave the 20 and a half hour drive, you would have to leave Des Moines at about 10 am Monday, December 31, to reach Tampa by 8 am Tuesday, January 1. That estimated time also factors in stops for gas/snacks. The game starts at noon on January 1 but parking and traffic may be bad at the time so allowing your arrival time to be a few hours early to the game gives you slight wiggle room for you journey. 


As always though before traveling, make sure to do your research and look around for the best options that suit you and your price range. There are tons of options out there for you bowl game experience, these are just a few tips and statistics we found to help you on your journey. Safe travels! 

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