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Cy-Hawk Series update through nine contests

The Iowa Hawkeyes are currently dominating the Cy-Hawk Series on the heels of four wins last week. Here is where we stand with four contests remaining.

The Cy-Hawk series is a fun way for the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones to compete not just in football, but in all sports throughout the college athletic season. Although these two schools have been a rivalry for much longer, this series and the corresponding trophy wasn’t officially in place until 2004. Through 14 years, the Iowa Hawkeyes are somewhat surprisingly losing this series 6-7-1, but it appears like they will be getting back to .500 this year.

This series includes each of these sports: women’s soccer, football, volleyball, men’s and women’s cross country, wrestling, men’s and women’s basketball, swimming and diving, women’s tennis, women’s gymnastics, and softball. Each win is two points towards that schools total point total with football counting as three points. There is one additional competition, and that is in academics where one point is rewarded to either school if their student-athlete graduation rate is higher than that of the student body’s.

After losing the initial game of the series this season (women’s soccer), the Iowa Hawkeyes responded with wins in both football and volleyball before both the men’s and women’s cross country teams fell to Iowa State. Since that time, however, the Hawks have taken a big lead after defeating the Cyclones in Wrestling, men’s and women’s basketball, and swimming and diving. It was a quick turnaround in this annual series as each of these four contests took place in the last week.

It wasn’t exactly easy though.

The wrestling team struggled for most of the day against Iowa State, but pulled it out with a few wins late in the match. Meanwhile, the women’s team needed a last-second shot to pull out the victory. The men’s basketball team and the swimming & diving took care of business easily though.

With four competitions to go, the Hawks have a commanding 13-6 lead, and it will take some work for Iowa State to even tie up the series. Fortunately, though, there is no way Iowa State is outright winning this trophy. With women’s tennis, gymnastics, softball, and academics left, the best Iowa State could do is to win all four of those to tie up the series at 13-all.

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The next matchup won’t take place until February 8th though so until that point let’s enjoy our big lead Hawkeyes!


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